Who We Are?


SiANK is the first regional Alumni Network in Kenya (established in March 2016) made up of former and present scholarship holders of the Swedish Institute Scholarship and other members who have studied in Sweden and or share an interest in Sweden. It institutes a platform for collaborative efforts for its members as well as to provide opportunities for new contacts established in Sweden, Kenya and the rest of the world. The core function of the network is:

  • To foster long lasting relations through communication and networking amongst its members
  • To build an elaborate network of scholars, researchers, leaders, innovators, motivators and influencers within and without the network.
  • To nurture long lasting mutual relationship between Sweden and Kenya between Kenya, Sweden and the globe
  • To promote and enhance research and development opportunities and educational exchange initiatives in Kenya, Sweden and the world.
  • To support sustainable initiatives that will enhance cooperation and collaboration between Kenya, Sweden and the rest of the world.
  • To promote cultural, social and economic development initiatives through sustainable association.

Our vision

The Swedish Institute Alumni Network of Kenya (SIANK) has a vision:

  • Making this forum a place to strengthen communication and brotherhood between SiANK members.
  • Making this forum as a tool to strengthen cooperation between two countries, namely Kenya and Sweden
  • Through this forum, it is expected that all members of SiANK who are domiciled in Kenya and outside Kenya can contribute either directly or indirectly to the SUSTAINABLE development of Kenya

our mission

  • Developing SiANK as a forum to facilitate the aspirations and development of its members;
  • Strengthening the relationship between its members with various relevant Kenyan and Swedish institutions so as to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries;
  • To help promote political, social, economic, and cultural relations between the two countries.
  • Be the voice of change in policy making in both public and private sector.